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*REVISED LIST* January 29th -Quest For Gold-Draft List

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Ontario Taekwondo Association is pleased to announce a draft list of athletes and alternates who have been nominated for Ontario Cards under the 2014-2015 Quest for Gold – Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (OAAP). The athletes nominated were selected using the sport specific selection criteria developed by the Ontario Taekwondo Association, approved by its Board of Directors and applied by the Selection Committee.

Announcement of REVISED Q4G Draft Athletes & Appeals template QFG 2014-15

*revision is a result of an athlete moving up to federal funding.


Master In Kyung Kim, O.T.A. 2nd Vice President
Quest For Gold Selection Committee, Chair
Technical Committee, Chair

Team Officials – 2015 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Announcing our O.T.A. Delegation for 2015 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships, Orlando, FL. at  the Orange County Convention Center -January 20-25, 2015.

Team Manager
Master In Kyung Kim

Head Coach 
Master George Koh

Team Trainer, Coach
Mr. Sung Min Son

Good Luck to all Ontario athletes representing at this G-2 Event!

Ontario athletes requiring access to a qualified Coach at official events, may email a request to with the following information:

Athlete Name:
Date of Competition:
Club/Team Name:
Contact email of athlete’s personal coach:

*Team Officials for 2015 Canada Open (G-1) / 2015 Para Canada Open , Toronto, ON (G-1) TBD*