Dear Ontario Taekwondo Community,


I have received numerous feedback from members relating the requirement for the annual medical questionnaire as attached in the provincial package.


The concerns that I have received thus far relate to:

  • Privacy and retention of confidential medical information
  • Time frame to see a physician to complete the medical questionnaire in time for the provincial game

To alleviate the concerns as expressed by many members,  in lieu of the completion of the annual medical questionnaire before this provincial game, we will request that all athletes over 18 years of age competing in a sparring division with head contact, sign a declaration that they have not had a concussion over the past 60 days and that if they do sustain a concussion or head injury leading up to the competition day, they will promptly notify the physician on-site for a check to assess their ability to compete prior to competition. Similarly, athletes under the age of 18 will require the same but with the signature of their parent or guardian. I will have the declaration posted to the site by next Wednesday and the responsibility will be on the athlete and/or the parent or guardian to complete the declaration and email the document to


While the annual medical questionnaire is a requirement of the Ministry, we will explore options to ensure the proper safeguards are in place to protect the athletes medical information while satisfying the Ministry’s requirements. As I have more information, I will promptly notify the membership of the next steps.


Thank you for your feedback.




Master Ka-On Tong


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